Repurposed (DIY) Sewing Case

I've been on the hunt for a portable sewing case that is both unique and inexpensive. There doesn't appear to be a huge market for sewing cases, so the ones that I did find were basically a glorified boxes that were often too small and/or too pricey.

I did some digging for a used one. I stumbled upon A Lifetime of Vintage's Etsy shop and found perfectly sized a Samsonite train case (a small box-like piece of luggage, often used for toiletry items) in amazing condition. I then scoured the internet and found Life as a Thrifter's train case post about transforming the outside and Darling Adventures' post about re-purposing the inside.

I sanded the train case and used a textured metallic train case suitable for plastics. After masking off the metal, I gave it a couple of coats. After that, I took the leftover fabric from my pillow project and adhered it to the inside lid, as well as the bottom and sides. I kept a good portion of the interior showing to keep the integrity and history of the train case. Now I have a distinct case with vintage flair!