Career Profile: Midge Blitz

The "F" word: feminism. While there will be no doubt yet another headline about a celebrity scoffing at the title "feminist," the rest of us embrace it and think it's something to show off.

Some people get uncomfortable at this crazy women-are-people theory, because it can feel like a club that you don't know the secret password to. You may not be well-versed in the waves of feminism, and you may not know who Sleater-Kinney is. That's okay, because my brand of the "F" word is inclusive.

This is where Modern Girl Blitz comes in. The shop's owner, Midge, is making feminism accessible with cool, bright designs. Her products demonstrate that girl power isn't scary; it's empowering. I had the chance to ask her a few questions about her creative process, and guess what? She's just as cool as she seems!

If you're like me, you wonder how these awesome Etsy ladies do what they do. Midge's mornings start out with planning her day while sipping coffee by a window. She gets to work on orders and heads to the post office. If there is time, she works on her long-term goals (which can be found on index cards on her wall) and goes outside to bask in sunshine and creativity. Midge has established a work/life balance, which includes closing her office door when her work day is done.

So, are you interested in creating your own business? Midge suggests being speedy, meticulous, and creative: "That's a good formula for anyone who wants to run their own business. Your art work can be the bomb dot com but if you don't do things like price it properly, take good photos, and ship it out in won't work as a business."

It can be intimidating to put yourself out on a limb with your art. While many think you should try to appeal to as big of an audience as possible, it's proven that focusing on a niche creates more success. Midge's designs have a stance, but she isn't scared one bit: 

"It doesn't bother me if someone doesn't like my art, because they don't like feminism...If you don't like feminism, then I don't like you, and your opinion means squat to me. Ya know?"

Midge sipping tea (and thinking of her next creative venture?!)