Blog Love: enJOY it by Elise Blaha Cripe

There are plenty of blogs out there with beautiful photos, lovely fonts, and a strong following. Even though I am a blogger, I'm just going to admit it: it's hard to be totally devoted to just one! It's even hard to actually read a blog word-for-word. So we follow the blog on BlogLovin and Pinterest and remember it when we scroll past a colorful photo in our feed.

There's one blog, though, that I stumbled upon a few months ago and became totally devoted. Here's what hooked me about enJOY it by Elise Blaha Cripe:

Elise in four words & an ampersand.

Once you read a few of Elise's posts or some of her 15-part business story series, you sense that this blog is different. This blog is deliberate. During a college writing course, I had a professor who loved the idea of "stream of consciousness" writing. "Just write down anything that comes to mind." That, to me, was the worst. I appreciate writing that is carefully considered and constructed.

Photo Credit: Armosa Studios
You can always tell when someone is writing insincerely. My favorite bloggers are those who don't seem to be writing to gain more readers or more sponsors or more whatever. They don't write just to write. They don't waste their readers' time with content that is unsubstantial. Elise is one such blogger. She values her time and yours! There is a purpose behind her writing, and that makes all the difference.

Elise has documented her career journey in great detail. She gives a real-life road map for others who are interested in building their own brand. There's no "I just always knew I was going to ______" nonsense. She takes you from being a six-year-old reader to being joyfully self-employed.

"But though the definition is flexible, I have found "success"
 for me because I currently make decent 

money working my dream job. Sometimes accidentally and sometimes deliberately, I have built this career over the course of many (many) overnights."

print created by Elise.

She also doesn't leave out her role as a working mom. Her advice is tangible. Tuesday and Thursday are for work; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are devoted to spending time with her daughter. Her tips for working effectively and efficiently are endless:
She doesn't check email on her phone
She takes her work seriously
& my personal favorite: she says no!

You can't talk about Elise's success without discussing what generates it: her creativity. This is fundamental to what makes her blog so different. She has a skill and talent behind her posts. She has more than "blogger" as her title. She creates beautiful things, anything from art to a podcast to her newest brilliant venture: a daily planner and goal-setting workbook.

"The one piece of information that I would want a reader of this blog to take away is everything is what you make of it. Have a goal? Write it down. Then set a plan and make it happen."

A glimpse inside the GET TO WORK BOOK.

*All photos have been borrowed from Elise's blog with permission, unless otherwise noted.