Springtime is Playtime

One of my editorial focuses is children's books. When I think about what books affected me the most, it's the ones I read as a kid. Being an adult comes with positives, of course, but sometimes you can't help but wish you were a kid again. When you're young, your imagination guides you and your self-expression isn't just tolerated, it's encouraged!

So whether you have kids or not (or in my case, a nephew), the items from Wild Things' shop will surely get your creative wheels turning. Seriously, don't you just love the colors?!

I discovered Wild Things through Etsy's Quit Your Day Job series, which in case you haven't checked it out, expect to spend at least an hour getting inspired by entrepreneurs. I admire Kirsty's working mom determination and success. This May, Kirsty's book, Wild Things: Funky Little Clothes to Sew will hit bookshelves, and I can't wait! In the meantime, check out some of these colorful, and dare I say funky, children's play clothes.

This Easter, put the pastel, floral dress away!
This Bunny Rabbit Easter Dress will surely get your kid hopping!
Is there anything cuter than Russian Dolls? Oh yeah, this Russian Doll Dress!
Everything about this Fox Play Outfit (and the too-cute model) makes me smile.