Learning to Sew Again: Name Appliqué

Project: Name Appliqué
Time: 3 hours (including drying time)

My mom once told me that she never really liked other people's kids; she only liked her own. I think children are cute (and sometimes gross, loud, annoying...), but nothing beats being an aunt to a boy who without a doubt is the most adorable, charming kid out there. I love being there for him and getting excited to see him learn (he can now say 4 words!) and gaze in wonder.

Photo by McKenzie Myers Photography
Since I love him so much, I decided to make my second sewing project all about him. I had some leftover fabric from my first project and decided to make an appliqué. This project was a confidence booster, because it was crazy easy! Here's what I did...

I used this inexpensive cotton hoodie, but any plain shirt would work. I cut a heart shape out of my fabric (elementary school style by folding in half). Then, I used the backside of the fabric for the letters.

Many online tutorials suggest typing the letters in Microsoft Word, tracing them onto the fabric, and using fusible webbing to adhere them to the shirt. I took the simpler approach and wrote his name in pencil on the fabric, and I used fabric glue since it'd be more useful for me to have on hand.

Glue the heart into place (make sure it's in the center). Then use a ruler (and your eyes) to space the letters evenly. Glue one letter at a time. If you place the letter slanted, no problem. You can easily adjust the letter.

Place a heavy book on the glued material. Let the heart and letters dry for at least a couple of hours. 

It's sewing time! Use a zigzag stitch and follow the heart's edges. Then, move onto the letters in the same manner. And that's it! Certainly my stitches could've been more perfect, but there's not a lot of pressure when the recipient of the gift is only 18 months old!

Photo by McKenzie Myers Photography

Photo by McKenzie Myers Photography