Fave Five: Creative Resume Templates

I've edited my fair share of resumes and CVs and know that the standard resume template is pretty forgettable. If you are applying for a competitive job outside of the stuffy corporate world, I recommend creating a resume that stands out from the 12-point Times New Roman crowd.

If you Google "creative resumes," you'll find a lot of really cool ones, but they typically are a little too out there for the kind of jobs most of us ladies are applying to. Sure, if you are a graphic designer, creating a resume that looks like the game Cards Against Humanity might be acceptable, but it will probably be a little much for a coordinator position at your local nonprofit.

So, why don't you try something new? 

Here are my five favorite resume templates (all under $50!), created by women from around the world:

1. Pixel and Oak - Tennessee, USA
Pixel and Oak Resume + Cover Letter Template
2. Pappermint - Madrid, Spain
Pappermint Resume + Cover Letter Template

3. Odd Bits Studio - Lisbon, Portugal
Odd Bits Studio Resume + Cover Letter Template
4. LandedCo - Sydney, Australia
LandedCo Resume + Cover Letter Template
5. Craft Pimp - Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Craft Pimp Resume Template